7 Points Oregon
7 Points Oregon
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"7 Points Oregon is a clean green certified, indoor cultivation facility based in Portland, OR. Our intention is to elevate the potential of our plants with emphasis on sustainability. There are 3 major things we feel go into growing great cannabis: Providing the best possible eniroment, utilizing quality organic inputs and love. 7 Points Oregon prides itself on striving to grow some of the cleanest and most flavorful cannabis possible. This process has led us to a style of growing called Veganics. Veganic growing is an organic method of cultivation using only plant based nutrients and compost teas. This provides nutition to the plant very quickly, leaving behind little residue. In our expereience, this style of growing allows us to maintain our focus on organic process while also developing a wonderful terpene profile and creating an amazingly clean smelling and tasting product. Enjoy!"
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